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Not A Father’s Day

[:en]Everyonea��s talking about the newest, greatest, most awesomest holiday: Not A Fathera��s Day. Finally men the world over who have experienced the miracle of not having any dependents can celebrate together the special joy of being Not a Father. Also, boobs But how can you[…]

Doing Hard Time

[:en]As any graduate of Barney Stinson University can tell you, everything you need to know in life you learned while watching soft core porn: — “Pool Cleaner” is the best job on the planet — Busty blonde women make the best detectives — Women’s prisons[…]

The Bro Code 2

[:en]At long last I have published “The Bro Code” — the final authority on acceptable behavior between and among dudes. “The Bro Code” definitively answers some of mankind’s most profound dilemmas like “what happens if I accidentally brush against another Bro’s junk?” and “how many[…]

Interveneous Injection

[:en]When a friend gets engaged, there’s only one appropriate response: PANIC. Engagement is often the gateway to marriage; the leading cause of monogamy. As a friend, it’s incumbent upon you to prevent this calamity, but should the traditional methods of intervention (booze, strippers, more booze)[…]

I Heart NJ

[:en]The fist bump. One bro’s way of telling another bro: “clever joke” or “thanks for taking the heffer so I could get the hottie” or “don’t worry, I won’t tell your girlfriend/wife.” It’s essentially the only acceptable form of bro-to-bro contact with the obvious exception[…]