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O Fim

[:en]Dearest Blog Readers a�� It is with a heavy heart (and briefsa�� still above-average down there) that I pen my final Barneya��s Blog. Dont forget the bro code bros You readers have been nothing short of legendary and truly mean the world to me, but[…]

High Infinity

[:en]A great man once said: a�?All things in moderation.a�? Obviously he wasna��t referring to money, sex or snack foods, but generally speaking you dona��t want to overdo things, especially the high five. Since before the age of man, organisms have expressed satisfaction by slapping appendages[…]

Votos de Casamento Fracassado

[:en]Thumbing through a box of things from my wedding weekend I discovered a few interesting items: props, chains and safety goggles from my nuptial night; a vial of tears from when Ted tried to give his best man speech; and a notebook full of rejected[…]


[:en]Ever since Blauman stole the accidental curly from my order of fries, the need for someone to codify proper appetizer etiquette has been eating away at me, pun fully intended. The problem is this: because of science, men are biologically programmed to consume everything put[…]

The Mosby Boys

[:en]An open letter to the Better Business Broreaua�� To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to share my frustration with The Mosby Boys Detective Agency (a.k.a. a�?Teda�?). The Mosby Boys are headed by Theodore Evelyn Mosby, an incompetent a�?mana�? who has no business leading[…]