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Personal Brolongings

[:en]PERSONAL BROLONGINGS You know how your significant other doesna��t allow you to keep really awesome things in your apartment even though a�� as I said – theya��re really awesome? And how youa��re then forced to store them at your best frienda��s apartment because hea��s unlikely[…]

Kicked in the Donuts

[:en]Okay, not to get all Jerry Seinfeld, but what is the deal with Canadians and donuts? Per capita, Canadians consume more donuts than every Asian country combined. Thata��s an actual fact. Look it up. Dying to know what the fascination was with these donuts, I[…]

Prop 69

[:en]Members of the Bromocracy, when I sat at my desk in my Hefner-approved smoking jacket and wrote the original draft of a�?The Bro Codea�? on paper made of recycled vintage Playboys, I thought the words were as permanent as Megan Foxa��s tattoos. But now –[…]

New Play!

[:en]New addition to The Playbook, ya��all! This is a play for when you need to win a girl back. I chose totally random names to illustrate the steps in this play but it will work on any chicka�� provided you love her more than anything[…]