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[:en]Question: What is a Jinx? A) An awesome name for a stripper and/or American Gladiator. B) A so-called a�?childrena��s gamea�? in which two individuals say the same thing at the same time and one calls a�?Jinx,a�? the other must remain silent. C) A completely, historically[…]

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

[:en]THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Good little bros and broettes, the holiday season is upon us, and as is the tradition, I thought Ia��d share some of my favorite holiday classics with you. Here are a couple selections that I like to sing at the[…]

AcessA?rios para o seu Bro-Dog

ACESSA�RIOS PARA SEU BRO-DOG Apenas fazendo pequenas compras com meu novo dog-wing (companheiro cA?o), Brover. O TERNO Tim levou um terno de emergA?ncia na semana passada. Decidimos escolher um terno classico para o meuA�bro-dog: preto, single-breasted, de trA?s botA�es. (Eram quatro, mas ele comeu um,[…]

The Bro Code For Parents

[:en]As many of you know, my good friends Marshall and Lily recently had a son, Marvin Waitforit Eriksen. While that instantly turns them into two lame-os who cana��t stay out past 6pm, at least Lilya��s breasts have gotten bigger. Obviously Marvin will turn out okay[…]

Bro Bibs

[:en]Every once in a great while, someone invents a new product so ingenious, so grand, so sweeping, that it alters the way we live, the way we interact with each other, the way we view the world. My friends, the day has come and the[…]