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Stinson’s Choice

[:en]Have you guys ever seen the movie a�?Sophiea��s Choicea�?? Well, thata��s what last night was like for me. I had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my entire life: deciding which strip club would receive my stamp of approval. As you know[…]

Jury Booty

[:en]My buddy recently tried a court case in front of an all-female jury. This was probably the best chance hea��ll ever have to score a 13-way but of course he blew it because hea��s a�?married.a�? What a waste! You see, when youa��re litigating a case[…]

The Stinsonian Calendar

[:en]THE STINSONIAN CALENDAR Ia��ve just added another holiday to my calendar year: Bangtoberfest! Until this point there was a long dry spell from the In-da-peen-dence Day to Slutoween. Three long months with no particular reason to bang a chicka�� save for the usual ones: boobs,[…]

The Pre-Shtup

[:en]You never want a one-night stand to become clingy. Thata��s just common sense. So do what I do: draw up a contract so youa��re both on the same page. Just grab a napkin and jot down a few casual ground rules. For example, herea��s my[…]