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[:en]Recently I was accused of beingA�- a cursed creature doomed to leave a gathering right before things get awesome. Of course since the second I leave a gathering, so does awesome, it’s impossible for me to ever be The Blitz, Ted. The whole traumatic ordeal[…]

No Porn? No Prob!

[:en]It has come to my attention that many bros are suffering from a very serious medical condition: Pornemia – the inadequate consumption of porn. The causes can be manifold: Can’t afford spicier cable channels Workday disrupting internal porn clock Marriage Fortunately this erection-crippling disease is[…]

Barney Stinson: A Life Of Awesome

[:en]What if you could travel back in time to witness the birth of awesomeness? This winter, you can, when The National Stinsonian Institution presents its newest and grandest traveling exhibition, “Barney Stinson: A Life of Awesome.” Trace the roots of awesome, beginning with Barney’s very[…]

Calling All Hotties

[:en]Spielberg, Scorsese, Ratner… Know why these giants of the silver screen got into the movies? The casting couch. What other job has attractive women fighting for a chance to spend time alone in a room with you?* The good news is you don’t actually have[…]

Challenge Accepted!

[:en]Recently I came close to admitting defeat on a challenge issued by one of my nay-saying friends. Fortunately I was able to rally in the final hour and snare a lady while talking like a little boy, thereby avoiding my first ever failure. This brush[…]