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Define This!

[:en]I spent a lot of my summer chilling out with my special lady buddy, Robin. According to my social colleague, Lily, that wasna��t a precise enough definition of our time together. You see, as a gentleman I generally prefer not to kiss and tell (unless[…]

As Fast As I Can

[:en]Getting out of a ticket — turns out — not as easy as getting out of a second date. Nor apparently, are cops as easily manipulated as say, the Dow Jones. But when the po-po pulls you over on your way to your next pharmaceutical[…]

Crunching The Numbers

[:en]I recently reached an important personal goal: 200 women. That’s like 100 women, twice…but you know, with 100 totally different women. Since it’s clearly just a numbers game, I think it’s safe to say I’m in the lead.* With the almost mythic “200” conquered, I[…]