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3, 4, Knock On My Door

[:en]I recently encouraged my best friend, Ted, to observe the a�?Three Day Rulea�? regarding when to call a chick after getting her number. The popular wisdom is that by waiting three days to re-establish contact you can fool her into thinking youa��re not as desperate[…]

The Fantasy Fantasy League

[:en]The land of make believe is no longer confined to rainy-day attics or treehouse sleepovers. All across this great nation, grown men and women are playing pretend a��- imagining themselves as the general managers of professional sports teams. And while that might be good clean[…]

Old Person Quiz

[:en]For several years now, I’ve been prohibited from playing Little League baseball. This is an inevitable part of aging, and a necessary one — because the simple truth is I would dominate those little punks on the diamond. But as Aaliyah so famously declared: Age[…]

Oh Canada

[:en]An experienced lover like me is pretty familiar with the various ins, outs and ins of pretty much any sexual encounter. But I wasn’t born that way. It took work. Now we’ve all heard the phrase practice makes perfect, but how do you take it[…]