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Casting Couch

[:en]”Whether youa��re hiding from the IRS, working as a spy, or pretending youa��re a married man to please your mother, every now and again youa��ll find it necessary to create an alternate life. And while you can get alarmingly far with just a bogus social[…]

Italian Leather Clad Foot In The Door

[:en]Check out the most awesome rA�sumA� ever! Dear Sir or Madam but probably Sir: As a CEO of a multi-national corporation and/or beloved dictator of a small but oil-rich nation, you’ve undoubtedly felt the need to surround yourself with an awesome, handsome right-hand man.[…]


[:en]Every year I take the top 25 party schools and arrange them on a bingo card. The rules are simple*: Sleep with a collegiate hottie then mark her school on the board. Bingo = five in a row in any direction a�� up, down, across,[…]

Barney’s Mail “Sack” 7

[:en]Like Moses, the Dalai Lama, and Dr. Phil, I am often asked to impart my wisdom and advice on those who cannot or will not help themselves. Even though I can’t improve myself — hard to top awesome — I can help others improve. Dear[…]