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Dear Santa

[:en]Dear Santa, As Ia��m sure youa��ve noticed, Ia��ve been extra special good this year, even taking on some of your work loada�� by stuffing as many stockings as I can. So ita��s with great admiration and what Ia��m sure is mutual respect that I humbly[…]

Everybody’s Kung-Fu Fighting

[:en]Getting in a fight? Lame. Watching someone else fight? Awesome. While some of the great ones have already been settled (Alien v. Predator, Rocky v. Drago, thong v.underwear) others are still too close to call (blonde v. brunette). That being said, here are some great[…]

Naked Man!

[:en]As society and culture has evolved, our ancient ancestors, the cavemen, have found themselves relegated to a punch line. No longer thought of as the bridge from past to present, today, they’re the wacky inhabitants of Bedrock, the elongated face of your car insurance, or[…]

Not A Father’s Day

[:en]Everyonea��s talking about the newest, greatest, most awesomest holiday: Not A Fathera��s Day. Finally men the world over who have experienced the miracle of not having any dependents can celebrate together the special joy of being Not a Father. Also, boobs But how can you[…]