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Overcoming Illness

[:en]As you all know, I recently overcame a traumatic and life threatening experience. While I appreciate the a�?get wella�? cards, muffin baskets and boob-o-grams youa��ve been so kind to send, many of you are under the impression that the 83 major and minor bone fractures[…]

Emrgency Rroom

[:en]Thweers bwwn an accieernht. Ok thus isn’t wirkuing/ Hello, I’m Bill, a nurse here at St. Anthony’s. Patient Stinson here asked me to type this stupid blog for him because he’s suffered severe injuries to over 83% of his body. He says he’ll pay me[…]

Barney’s Mail “Sack” 6

[:en]Dear Barney, You know how you’re always right about everything? How you have an uncanny ability to dispense with a theory, with some words of wisdom that undoubtedly always prove right? And how you look really, really awesome in suits? Well I can’t believe I’m[…]

A Call To Wings

[:en]Behind every great man is a great wingman: Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen, George Bush the First had Dan Quayle, and Han Solo had Chewbacca. But sadly you can’t just snap your fingers and find a Dan Quayle, so I have been forced to scrape[…]