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Occupation Stimulation

[:en]Fingering through my mail sack, I stumbled upon the following from blog-reader Coby: I need advice. I teach, and for some reason chicks don’t dig it. I teach blind kids. Chicks don’t dig it. I need a job, a woman and a suit. Help me,[…]

Too Tall For My Britches

[:pb]It would seem I spoke too soon regarding the benefits / feasibility of dating a chick taller than oneself. To the readers who’ve already procured for themselves a taller-than-average drink of water, I can only say that cannot be held responsible for the difficulties[…]

Swarley’s Blog

[:en]ALERT: the following is not an official blog entry for BARNEY’S Blog. Until my technical team figures out how to remove this affront from, please replace all “Swarley” references with “BARNEY.” Swarley isn’t even a real name. And it’s not funny. I think I[…]

Launching A Thousand Relationships

[:pb]Once again my lagging pupil, Ted, has proven how little of my advice he actually absorbs from day to day. The minute he found the strength of character to embark on the amazing journey that is a long-distance relationship, something I have been advocating for[…]