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Too Many Manhattans

[:en]As you know I hail from a long line of influential historical figures, from the Babylon King Barnnurabi, to the Roman Emperor Barnus Aurelious, to the American President Barnaham Lincoln, to the Goliath National Bank corporate officer Barney Stinson. Today we remember another significant man:[…]

As Regras Para Ser IncrA�vel

Se vocA? estiver lendo este blog nos A?ltimos nove anos, o que vocA? realmente faz, entA?o vocA? estA? familiarizado com algumas das regras universais que eu compartilho com vocA?s, como, “Se ela tem mais de trinta, A� melhor se sujar”, “Roubar shampoo do hotel em[…]

Holiday Ins

[:en]The holidays often bring about strong feelings in people: nostalgia, thankfulness, and, of course, horniness. That means for gents and ladies on the prowl, you dona��t necessarily need to bring your A-game. In fact, the holidays present the perfect opportunity to utilize the minimum effort[…]

BUI (Blogging Under the Influence)

[:en]Guyss, Ia��m not gonna lie. Ia��ve been doing a liiiiiiittle drinking tonightt. Reel nice single malt with a nose of acorns and AFTERTaste of homeya�� mmm. Anywaze, I thought Ia��d finally reveal the ten keys to aweseomenessessity. Oh boy Ita��s reelee starting too hitt meeee!

Slap Judgment

[:en]Dear Esteemed Members of the Fifth Circuit Court of Slappeals, I am writing, once again, to formally protest the decision-making and overall incompetence of the current Slap Bet Commissioner, Lily Aldrin. For someone who is supposed to act as an impartial arbiter, it seems all[…]