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Another Grate Idea

[:en]Like any red-blooded American, from time to time I find myself needing to crawl through an air duct. Be it to furtively take pictures of ladies in the restroom, escape when they catch you in the act, or hide from authorities after they call the[…]

Wedding Questionnaire

[:en]Anyone who has ever attended a destination wedding knows how important it is on Friday night to choose the right bang buddy. Saddle up with a stud and the next two days are sublime; saddle up with a dud and the next two days are[…]

Fake Listening

[:en]People often ask how I got so good at pretending to listen and I always answer, a�?Totally.a�? No matter where you go someonea��s going to try to tell you something boring, be it an irate boss, a dying grandparent, or a police officer shouting at[…]


— PARA DIVULGAA�A?O IMEDIATA — Devido ao sucesso do a�?Bro Codes por BA�bliasa�? no qual copias das BA�blias do GideA�es foram substituA�das por copias do Bro Code em hoteis selecionados por todo o Pais, a Barney Stinson Enterprises tem o prazer de anunciar uma grande[…]

The Night Of The Barely Living Dead

[:en]Wea��ve all had the nightmares. They shuffle toward you, grasping with outstretched limbs. Mouths agape, drool glistening on their chins, they inch closer. Their filmy eyes sunken in their skulls and their withered, sagging flesh draped loosely on their decaying skeletons. Your heart pounds as[…]