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Great Grandmother Russia

[:en]As you know, I can trace my ancestry to some legendary times and places, including the Russian Empire. From time to time I like to visit the immensely popular collection of absolutely true stories about those ancestors called a�?The Brothers Stinsonov.a�? Here is one selection[…]

From the Brotebook

[:en]Loyal Barnerians, Every once in a while I like to flip through my trusty Bro Notebook, or a�?Brotebooka�? (A�, A�, A�a�� basically I call a�?dibsa�?). Amongst the countless pearls of wisdom I stumbled across a realization I made on the way to my wedding: I[…]

Public Service Bronouncement

[:en]Just like my hands-on tutorial for tying a tie a�� be it around your neck (always a windsor) or to the bedpost (clove hitch) a�� this bloga��s main purpose is to educate. With that in mind, I had prepared a post detailing low-cost solutions for[…]

The Bro-Mitzvah

[:en]Last night was my bachelor party and in true Stinson fashion, it was legendary. I suppose a little credit is owed to my fiancA�e, Robin, who organized the entire night, but most of the credit should go to me because I did all the heavy[…]