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Barney’s Mail “Sack” 6


[:en]Dear Barney,


You know how you’re always right about everything? How you have an uncanny ability to dispense with a theory, with some words of wisdom that undoubtedly always prove right? And how you look really, really awesome in suits? Well I can’t believe I’m saying this because you’ve taught me so much and I owe you the world, but I think I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on serious relationships. See, I’m in a relationship with my doctor girlfriend, Zella Stinman, and the more serious we get, the more it seems like birds are singing, angels are jumping from cloud to cloud, and little kids are playing tiddlywinks in grassy fields or whatever they do. That seems so much more rewarding to me than how my awesome best friend has incredible sex with one hot chick one night and then with a new and different hot chick the next night, and so on and so on ad infinitum. Is there something I’m missing?

– Med Tosby – New York, NY

Dear Med,

Yes. You’re missing something fundamental. Observe.


Get well soon,


Barney Stinson

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