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[:en]The holidays often bring about strong feelings in people: nostalgia, thankfulness, and, of course, horniness. That means for gents and ladies on the prowl, you dona��t necessarily need to bring your A-game. In fact, the holidays present the perfect opportunity to utilize the minimum effort required of mankinda��s most basic move a�� the pick-up line.


HISTORICAL FACTOID: Did you know that the first pick-up line was actually the first instance of human language? A Neanderthal man approached a hairy Neanderthal chick and said: a�?If I show you my bone will you show me your cave?a�?

Here are some lazy but effective lines to try out during the holidays:

Presidentsa�� Day: Ia��d like to visit YOUR oval office.

Groundhog Day: My hog cana��t help but see his shadow.

Valentinea��s Day: Single?

St. Patricka��s Day: I will shamrock your world.

Arbor Day: I wanna make you bark. / Check out my trunk. / Ia��d like to give you my branch and then leave. (Treeway tie)

Cinco De Mayo: Wanna have breakfast on Sixo de Mayo?

Memorial Day: You make it hard to fly my flag at half-staff.

Labor Day: Ita��s Labor Day, baby, why are you workina�� it?

Election Day: More like a�?Erection Day!a�?

Thanksgiving: Anything involving stuffing![:]

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