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Italian Leather Clad Foot In The Door


[:en]Check out the most awesome rA�sumA� ever!
Dear Sir or Madam but probably Sir:
As a CEO of a multi-national corporation and/or beloved dictator of a small but oil-rich nation, you’ve undoubtedly felt the need to surround yourself with an awesome, handsome right-hand man. Your search is over. I am a natural fit for your right hand.
I, Barney Stinson, recognize that you are a man (or woman, I guess) with precious free time. You cannot afford to comb though the stack of tree-killing, archaic paper rA�sumA�s that have inundated your office or luxury yacht because as aa�� humana�� of great power and influence, you don’t have time to read. As such, I proudly yet humbly present to you my video rA�sumA�:[:]

Barney Stinson

Hi, I'm

Criador,idealizador, visionário e proprietário da Barney Stinson Enterprises.