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Personal Brolongings


You know how your significant other doesna��t allow you to keep really awesome things in your apartment even though a�� as I said – theya��re really awesome? And how youa��re then forced to store them at your best frienda��s apartment because hea��s unlikely to ever lock down someone long enough to prevent him from letting you do that? Well, to make sure I dona��t lose track of my impressive array of legendary stuff, Ia��ve generated a list of items Ia��m currently storing at Teda��s place:


a�? Boba Fett costume
a�? Motorcycle
a�? Canoe
a�? Giant hollowed-out birthday cake (strippers not included)
a�? Cobra farm
a�? Ming Dynasty gong
a�? Ted’s dream journal
a�? Strippers (for the hollowed-out birthday cake)
a�? Animatronic Abe Lincoln
a�? Dune buggy
a�? First edition Bro Code
a�? Ark of the Covenant-themed coffee table
a�? Nuclear code briefcase
a�? Giant pickle Costume
a�? Armadillo
a�? Wall trampoline
a�? Lilya��s old underwear drawer
a�? Original deed documents concerning the sale of Manhattan to the East India Trading Company
a�? Fidel Castro piA�ata
a�? Pelican
a�? Life-sized sculpture of me posing as Michelangeloa��s David
a�? Inflatable bouncy house
a�? Inflatable bouncy house pump
a�? Inflatable bouncy house personal injury/death waivers
a�? Hovercraft
a�? Stinsona��s Complete English-to-Awesome Dictionary
a�? Dunk tank
a�? Passports and currency for every European country
a�? Jet pack
a�? Identical novelty jet pack that shoots out confetti instead of flames
a�? Shake weights
a�? Shipping palette of Brobibs overstock
a�? Baby elephant
a�? Baby elephant pooper scooper
a�? 1/6th scale Death Star (fully operational)
a�? Trained Spider Monkey acrobatic team
a�? Hot pink pogo stick with attached hidden camera
a�? Blow-up doll with Bar Refaelia��s face
a�? Blow-up doll with Pam Andersona��s body, but blow-up doll face
a�? De-clawed Bengal tiger (gift of Siegfried & Roy)
a�? Giant aquarium with bikini scuba diver
a�? Remote-controlled blimp
a�? Cash
a�? Gravitron amusement ride
a�? F-16 cockpit
a�? Alex Van Halena��s drum-set
a�? Complete beanbag living room set
a�? Cotton candy machine
a�? Pictures of Teda��s mom
a�? Home sheep-shearing shed[:]

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