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Beach Videos

[:en]When you see a link to a beach video on this blog, you’re not wrong to expect a little hidden camera work from a topless beach and some hushed commentary from your Uncle Barney, as exemplified in my forthcoming documentary series, “Planet Boob.” But this[…]

The Pyramid Of Screaming

[:en]HEY STUPID BLOG READERS!!! WHY DON’T YOU READ MY BLOG MORE?!?! Sorry. My boss screamed at me over a few missing schematics and I had to release some steam. Why didn’t I yell at my boss and not at you? Because that would be dumb,[…]


[:en]Retaining evidence of ANYTHING youa��ve ever said or done is foolish if not actionable, particularly if youa��ve said and done the type of things Ia��ve said and done. But I am human, after all, and have a unique soft spot for the many many many[…]