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The Bro-Mitzvah

[:en]Last night was my bachelor party and in true Stinson fashion, it was legendary. I suppose a little credit is owed to my fiancA�e, Robin, who organized the entire night, but most of the credit should go to me because I did all the heavy[…]


[:en]RIDONKULOUS This week my friend Ted used the word a�?ridonkulousa�? to describe the body of a potential hottie in the bar, thereby driving the final nail into that worda��s coffin. Thank God. You see, words like a�?ridonkulousa�? cheapen the English language and, more importantly, make[…]

High-Five Realty

[:en]For Sale: 2BR/2BA Upper East Side Bang Pad Make this spacious, modern and attractively-priced sex lair your home! Luxury building in desirable UES neighborhood. Walking distance from the citya��s finest tailors, gentlemena��s clubs and laser tag facilities will remind you daily of the first rule[…]